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Oh no! Not Again!

Yep, it's time to move again. Some people might get a charge out of moving. But not me. I like staying in one place. I'm a home-body if there ever was one.

But here we go again. Making lists. Sorting.....what to sell? What to give away? What to put into storage? What to leave out for other people to use? This time we'll be going back to the US for probably two years. We will leave some things in the house for whoever lives here next to use.

Creating chaos and mess. And I don't like chaos and mess. I'm not as bad as Monk....not yet anyway. But I HATE boxes in my living room. Or in my bedroom. Boxes belong in store rooms. But here we go again. At least I have a husband who helps me pack. He's very good at it, in fact.

We are going to sell our living room suite. It is just really very uncomfortable even though it looks nice. I am also trying to get things ready for Daniel's arrival. So today I took all the cushion covers off and washed them…

Resurrection Sunday

"Il est ressucite! Il vit!" "He is risen! He's alive!" Aren't those the most joyous words of the year???!!!!! That is what makes life worth living. My Jesus is alive. He's both with me and in heaven preparing a place for me. My sins are forgiven. I've been redeemed from the slavery of sin. That's what the day is all about!

So, what better place to celebrate Easter than at church, right? We didn't have a sunrise service as such. But we went to church at 7:30. The choir was inside singing and you could go in and listen to them or stay outside and socialize.

After a bit there was a breakfast served. It was a ground-beef sandwich which is really hard to describe, but very delicious. It's nothing like a hamburger. Maybe more like a sloppy joe but without all the tomato sauce. That makes it sound dry, but trust me they are very good. We also had coffee or tea with lots of milk and sugar in it. These children are all from CSEN …

Empty-Nestin' It

As you know, Daniel is in the US and is a sophomore at Cedarville University. We haven't seen him for almost two years and we have really missed him.

Suzanne has also been gone on her spring break for three weeks now. She went first with her friend and former roommate, Tam, to Ghana where Tam's parents work with SIM. They took the bus down. The first day they traveled with a Beninois school-mate and it took them about 17 1/2 hours to get from here to Cotonou, Benin. The bus didn't have any air conditioning, so you can imagine how exhausting the trip must have been. Rufus' family kindly took them in for the night and got them on the bus a day later for their trip on to Accra. That was another long, hot day and Tam and Suz didn't even get to sit together on the bus. This picture is taken during a trip to a beach resort that Suz visited with Tam's family.

They spent two weeks together in Ghana and then they traveled back to Cotonou by bus to join the rest o…


Last Monday John and I along with four others from Niamey headed east to Maradi. We drove and another gal who teaches at Sahel also drove. It was a day with heavy harmattan so we didn't see much in the way of scenery! We stopped for a picnic on the edge of a plateau, but we couldn't see the beautiful hills around at all. There were some trees there, but they didn't offer much shade. It was around 109 in the (non-existant) shade, so you can imagine that we ate quickly so we could get back in our air-conditioned vehicles and continue on our way. We stopped in Galmi to pick up two more people and to have a little snack. Time got away from us there and that resulted in finishing the trip in the dark. It was white-knuckle driving as towns had un-marked speed bumps, donkeys were standing in the road, and we'd come upon pick-up trucks with no tail lights. Not only did they have no tail lights, but there were people straddling the gates of the trucks. And to add to…