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Suzanne decorated the cover of her journal with clippings from magazines. I thought it was a great idea, and wanted to do it, too. But I didn't know when I'd ever find time for it. Then one night recently the power was off for about three hours. John and I had been planning on watching a movie together, but that was out. Doing anything on the computer was out. Neither of us was in the mood for a game. So, we sat at the table and by candle-light he read a book and I got out all the old magazines and started cutting.

This is what I came up with. The one on the left is my journal. I'm not really much of a journal keeper. I'm perhaps an odd introvert in that I'm not terribly introspective and so I don't think a lot about what's happening and don't spend a lot of time on reflection. I tried to glue on things that describe me...chocolate, coke, things about home. I put on the "pilgrims" because I am a pilgrim on this earth. "Marriage matters" reminds me of what's important. The "Modern Day Rosie" is for the strength and capabilities of us women. I just thought the "Bad Hair Day" troll was cute.

The one on the right is my quiet time journal. I am reading through the Bible in a year. So I read the passage and then I look up things on the internet, print out articles or pictures and paste them in my journal along with my thoughts, what the passage means, and how God is speaking to me through the passage. I've found some great web sites. The first is great if you are reading through the Bible. The second is an excellent commentary on the Bible. It is written in a very understandable style but is not fluff at all. These sites are and