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A Day Trip to Tera

Suzanne's friend from Tera who got married in May had a baby in October. I know, definitely not nine months! We couldn't go to the naming ceremony as we had too much going on at that point. So we went up on December 18. It was a national holiday so the office was closed and Suzanne didn't have school. She was also able to take a friend with her.

On the way up we were on the ferry with a whole herd of sheep and goats. They were crammed between the vehicles. There were small kids and lambs and they were getting stepped on by the bigger animals.

The first place we went to in Tera was Hawa's house. She and Hama were our next-door neighbors when we lived there. They live in a grass hut. Hawa is about my age and her husband is in his 70s. He is a pretty old man, but they seem to get along pretty well. Their daughters that grew up with Suzanne are both married now and one of them has two kids. The other has been married almost three years and doesn't have any children.

The kids were excited to see us. The girl in the foreground is one of Hawa's daughters...the baby of the family. The one to the right is Maimouna's daughter, also the baby of the family.

Our next visit was to Maimouna's house. She was sitting on the floor cleaning grain and Soumeyla, Daniel's friend, was reading. Of course, when we showed up, so did a crowd of kids! This picture doesn't show everybody who was crammed in to the house.

From there we went down by the river for a picnic. This tree struck my fancy. Itlike three branches of the same tree had wrapped around each other.

The next stop was Sofie's house. Sofie is Maimouna's daughter and the friend that had the baby. He is acute little guy with chubby cheeks. After that we went to the market.

Next stop was a little village near Doumba. A friend there had just had twins that were about a week and a half old. The mother was sick in bed with mastitis. One of the babies had been born at home, but the 2nd one was not born until 12 hours later and was born at the hospital in Tera.

Our final stop was in Doumba. We went to the little church where we found the pastor studying for a message. He said five or six come regularly on Sunday mornings! The roof collapsed in the rainy season, but he said that it should be fixed soon. We ended up driving the last hour of the trip in the dark and didn't get home until 8 p.m. We ate left overs for supper and went to bed.
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