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Special Dinners

There have been three special dinners lately.

The first was a Mexican dinner the seniors put on for the community. This was a fund-raising dinner to get money towards their senior trip. Two of the senior's moms made Mexican food and the seniors ran a restaurant for the evening. It was every bit as nice as going to a real restaurant! The seniors worked hard the evening before and all day Saturday, and quite late Saturday night. Suzanne said being a waitress is NOT her calling in life! But the seniors did well, making about $800.00! Sadly, I forgot to take the camera.

The next special dinner was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was just a normal working day for us. But on Tuesday night I made dough for my dinner rolls. I have this really good recipe where you make the dough and don't even let it rise. You just put it in the fridge and you can keep it there for up to five days. By the time you are ready to use it, it has done its first rising in the fridge. Then you shape it into buns, let it rise, and bake it. Wednesday night I made my apple pie. Then Thursday I baked a chicken, baked the buns, and we were ready to go! I also bought sparkling grape juice for our feast. Our neighbors, Ian and Beka Rideout, invited us over. She also prepared meat, a pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and beans. Our other neighbor, Jeanette James, brought some things. She is Australian, but we let her come anyway. We also had Anisa Blomquist who brought some goodies, too. So, we had plenty to eat and pretty much the same things you enjoyed at your Thanksgiving feast!

Last Saturday night the Student Council put on an Italian dinner for staff and students at Sahel. It was a dress-up affair. John and I didn't go since we're not on staff, but it was fun to help Suzanne get ready to go. She was very beautiful in her little black dress. This dinner was also a lot of work, but guessing by the pictures it was a fun evening.