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Obama and Africa

Barack Obama's grandmother in Kenya where a national holiday was declared on November 5 and where new babies are being named Barack and Michelle.

Africa loves Barack Obama! Niger loves Barack Obama! Why? Well, some reasons are obvious, I guess.
1. He is black.
2. He has a Muslim name. I didn't say he's Muslim, but he has a name that is Muslim, and I think the average Nigerien assumes he is Muslim.
3. He has an African heritage, in that his father is from Kenya.
4. And in Africa, when you are elected to high office....especially if that office happens to be one of the highest in the are indebted to do something for your home town. It is now Obama's responsibility to pave the road into his grandmother's village, to build a huge home for himself there, to make sure electricity is taken to the village if it isn't already, etc.
5. And by extension it is being assumed that throughout Africa he will put an end to wars, help wipe out AIDS, and raise the standard of living.

Can he do it or will he disappoint Africa? People here are pinning a lot of high hopes on him. It would seem that he would be more aware of events in Africa than the average white president. But I don't think the average Nigerien realizes that he does not have unlimited power to just do what ever he wants. We shall see. For the sake of the land I love so much (Niger) I hope that he doesn't forget Africa.

While I am concerned about Obama's social and economic policies, it is still our duty to pray for him and not to speak disrespectfully of him. We don't have to agree with him, but we do need to bring him to God in prayer.

And this, my friends, is probably one of the few posts I will ever do regarding politics. But since it relates to Africa, I thought you might be interested in knowing how Barack Obama is viewed here. More like a king, who can bestow favors on his subjects, than like a president.