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My Office

I spend most of my working hours at the SIM Niger office. This is a double story building with offices on the bottom floor and apartments and a conference/meeting room as well as a small library on the 2nd floor. As you can see, we have a nice bouganvilla arbor thing going on over the front entrance.

And here is my office. No little cubicle for me! No, I have my very own office. It is a bit small when we need to orient more than one person at a time, but we work around that by taking them to the conference room.

I don't have a cubicle, but I do share my office with somebody else. That is John, so he's a pretty good guy to have to share with! Some days he works at home and some days he works here. It looks like he's working pretty hard here. He brings our own computer to work on. Suzanne is doing an on-line course and likes to check her email....and Facebook, of she also spends quite a lot of time at that desk.

The nice thing about my office is that I have a window. I think I'd go crazy if I had to sit in a cubicle in the middle of a building that hardly had any windows. I have a very interesting view too.....a wall and a tree! Well, it's not much to look at, but it is light and fresh air. And a lot of noise. On the other side of that wall is one of the busiest streets in Niamey.

And here I am (my hair is a lot longer now....I'm waiting for my hair stylist to get back from his vacation!). This is where I spend my day, doing many different things. I answer a lot of e-mail, fill out personnel request forms, try to figure out good placements for people interested in coming to Niger, and many things just to help. For example, this week a missionary called to ask me to find out what the deadline in his state is for requesting absentee ballots. Their power had been off for four days and their internet had been down for over two weeks.

Come see me and I'll put you to work in Niger!