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Fun Gifts

Have you ever read the book about Love Languages? My love language is definitely acts of service. But gifts may be my 2nd language.....I'm not sure. I love giving gifts and would rather shop for other people than for myself. But maybe that's because it's more an act of service for me. Whatever......I know that I enjoy getting gifts, too, especially if they comeas a surprise.

One gift that I enjoyed, mostly because I totally didn't expect it, was given to me last May. Ben Stam gave it to me. He was here at Sahel to teach Math and he hung out at our house a lot. People teased him about scarfing off us because he did have a knack for showing up at meal time. He didn't scarf off us, though, because he'd often call and say he was coming, but he was going to the store first and was there anything he could pick up. Or he'd come in with the ingredients for ice cream and then make ice cream for us. One day he was telling me about chocolate candy with hot pe…

Monitor Lizards

About a month ago we took a day trip to Tera. We had heard that a Christian, who was an influential man in the community and in the government, had died suddenly of a heart attack. We wanted to go up and greet the family. We took two Australian ladies who are teachers at Sahel Academy with us. It was a good day for them to get out and see something other than the big city. They visited with us in four different homes and got to see four different economic levels of living.

The family of the man who died was quite wealthy, so they saw a big cement house with pretty nice furniture. Then we went to our former next-door neighbors who live in a grass hut, which is pretty much about as poor as you can get. Then we went to our other neighbor's house who live in a three-room mud house in a very dirty compound. Lastly, we went to Suzanne's friend's house. She lives in a small house, but she has some linoleum on the floor and some simple furniture and a TV.
In between all thi…

My Office

I spend most of my working hours at the SIM Niger office. This is a double story building with offices on the bottom floor and apartments and a conference/meeting room as well as a small library on the 2nd floor. As you can see, we have a nice bouganvilla arbor thing going on over the front entrance.

And here is my office. No little cubicle for me! No, I have my very own office. It is a bit small when we need to orient more than one person at a time, but we work around that by taking them to the conference room.

I don't have a cubicle, but I do share my office with somebody else. That is John, so he's a pretty good guy to have to share with! Some days he works at home and some days he works here. It looks like he's working pretty hard here. He brings our own computer to work on. Suzanne is doing an on-line course and likes to check her email....and Facebook, of she also spends quite a lot of time at that desk.

The nice thing about my office is that I h…