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One of Those Days

I know you've all had "one of those days". I recently had one, too. As I remember, the day wasn't so bad. Just long and tiring. It was when I started to make supper that it became "one of those days".

First, I was filling water jugs and ice cube trays with water from the filter. It takes a while to fill a jug, so I have the tendency to start doing other things while waiting. I mean who wants to stand there for five minutes and watch a water jug fill up? It's not high on the excitement scale. So, while I was doing something else, I forgot about the water jug. Sure enough, it overflowed and went everywhere. It was under the onion and potato baskets, all over the counter, and running onto the floor. So, I had to stop whatever else I was doing to mop up the water.(Here I am with water all over my stomach and the spaghetti a.k.a. pick-up sticks)

By then I was making supper. I opened the cupboard door to get something out and the entire package of spaghetti fell out. Upside down, of course. Remember playing Pick-up-sticks? Well, that's what it looked like.

At first I was really frustrated, but then I decided I might as well laugh. My philosophy is if you're going to laugh about it later, you might as well start now.

But, John could tell I needed help, so he said he'd make the vegetable for supper. Simple enough....get out a can of corn, put it in a microwavable bowl, and nuke it. How hard can that be? Well, our silly bowl has handles that come off. Before he got it to the mid-air, really... corn went every where, but mostly all over the floor. Yes, he picked it up, rinsed it off, and we ate it. At $1.29 for a little can of corn, we weren't about to throw it out!

Believe me, we were glad to eat that meal, get it cleaned up, and go to bed!