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My Work, Part I

Now that I've done all these posts about parties, you must think I never work! But I really do! My work has many aspects to it, so I'll show you different aspects of my work in different blogs.

Aside from being Personnel Director, which I'll talk about later, I am the Short-Term Associates Furniture/Housing Coordinator for Niamey. Short-Term Associates (hereafter referred to as STAs) who go to other stations are taken care of by people there. So, what I do here in Niamey to get ready for STA's is also being done by somebody else in Galmi, Maradi, and other places.

SIM Niger provides furnished houses or apartments for all STA's. They pay rent, but because they are here for anywhere from two weeks to two years, this eliminates the need for them to have to set up their own housing....something that can take from two weeks to two months as we well know!

So, when we hear that an STA is coming, a housing committee meets and decides where that person will live. Once tha…

A House Party

For our vacation this year, we are house-sitting for an American Embassy family. In exchange for taking care of their cats, we get:a fully air-conditioned house, 24/7
a swimming pool in the back yard
a generator that comes on when the power goes off (which it's been doing a lot lately)
American TV shows on ArmedForcesNetwork

Pretty good, deal, eh???? I can change the kitty litter box for that.
Luke Ardill was passing through Niamey. He and Suz were cold! It's not unusual to find one of us under a blanket! It's amazing how much more energy you have when you're not hot all the time.

John chilling with an atlas. The cat is keeping him company.

Suz and Ben Stam playing Wii. Or however you spell it.

Suz and Jess chilling in the pool. That's the life.

Because we are on vacation, we decided (o.k......I decided) that everybody should help make meals. So John and Suz are taking turns with me which means each of us only cooks every 3rd night. Then on Friday night we go out…