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A Graduation Party

This year I made Suzanne's dress for the Junior/Senior Banquet. It was so pretty, but when she tried it on, the top was way too big. I didn't know what to do. I mean I can sew basic stuff, but I don't do alterations. So, we took it to the tailor and he fixed it up for her. This was taken at the end of the evening and she had already taken off her necklace. But here are a few more shots of her at the banquet with some of her friends.
Suz and Tam

Suz and Trae
He is the young man who was in the motorcycle accident. He got back from Paris about 4 hours before the banquet! As you can see, he is wearing a brace which he h
as to use for another month or so.

Suz and the three graduates.

The graduation ceremony was very unique. Historically we have rented an air-conditioned assembly hall, but this year it was held outside at Sahel Academy. The graduates came in riding on camels!
Adam's camel was very hungry and kept insisting that it would be more fun to eat leaves off the tree than to march in to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance!
It was a great graduation ceremony with a fantastic message on the meaning of their names or the example of the Bible character they were named after. They all have Bible names: Adam, Matthew, and Jonathan.
May they go with God wherever He leads....whether on a camel or not!