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An Oasis in the Desert

Today I'll post some pictures of our street. You've seen the inside of our house, now I'll show you some of our neighborhood. It's a pretty nice neighborhood....lots of rich people. I like to talk to the guards in the evening (I haven't met any of the rich people yet!). One night there were three or four guards chatting together. One said he guards for the Belgians (I do know the Belgians), one for the Arabs, one for the Japonese, and we are American. The Chinese take an evening walk every night. That's just a small sampling of our street. There are also very poor people in the neighborhood. Down the street is an entire mini-village of grass huts. Behind us is a family that would be considered well-to-do in Tera, but in this neighborhood they are pretty poor.

Our street even has a name, not that a taxi man would ever know it by its name. It is La Rue des Oasis or "Oasis Street". In fact our compound is known in the mission as "Oasis". We have a house number, too, but no mail will ever be delivered there. P.O. boxes are the only way it's done here. This is the neighbor's gate.

This is our gate (not as pretty as the neighbor's) with our truck parked out in the street. See, we are 395 Rue des Oasis. Now you know where to find us!

A previous occupant had a dog, so she put up this sign "Je monte la garde". Pretty ugly, eh?

Suzanne said we should put a picture of Midnight, our cat on it. Here's what that would look like. Beware Midnight the Killer Kat!

Here we are looking down the street. This is absolutely the hottest, driest time of year and look at the flowering bushes and trees! It never ceases to amaze me that God allows them to bloom when it is 110 degrees every day and it hasn't rained for 8 months. They don't bloom when it is cool and rainy, but now. It is His gift of beauty to us in a dry, barren land.

When you come in our gate, this is what you see. There is a big house immediately to the right. The family that normally lives there is on home assignment. The man of the family was one of my 4th grade students. That makes me feel old! There is another family living there right now. They came for a year but have decided to stay another two!! They will have to move house, though, as the other family comes back in July. Straight ahead is our carport. Beyond that is our neighbor's apartment. If you follow that building along to the right you will find our place. It's hidden and is nice and quiet. It is truly an OASIS for us.