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Killer Kat

Our cat, Midnight, is almost 16 years old. I don't know how old cats live to be, but I think she's pretty old for a cat. The thing is, she only has two teeth left. We feed her soft tinned food.

Even though she's old, and even though she's toothless, she's still a good hunter. A few days back I opened the back door and a huge lizard ran in to the house. Midnight was laying on the floor taking one of her hundreds of cat naps of the day. She caught the movement of him running across the floor, trying desperately to find something to hide under. In a flash, she had him.

Back in her hey-day....back when she had teeth, she would gnaw a lizard's head off and then proceed to eat it. Now she pins it down with her paw and gnaws on it's head, but it's kind of hard to gum a lizard's head to death. The other problem is that if she does manage to eat it, it will inevetably make her barf. So I carried her outside and waited till she let go of it for a second. Then I grabbed her up and brought her back in the house. She wailed for a long time at the door, letting me know how mean I was to make her give up her prey.

I was happy with her though. I can live with little geckos in my house, but not those big lizards. She's my hero!

These pictures are of another lizard she caught recently. It was smaller than the one that came in the house.