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There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Our stuff in our front yard....kinda looks like a tunnel don't you think?

The moving seems endless. You know how kids like to try to hold their breath when they go through a tunnel? Well, it seems like we've been trying to hold our breath while going through this tunnel. But, we are finally nearing the end. We are starting to feel settled. I have time to do a blog instead of unpack more boxes!!

Just a brief review:

**Monday, March 24 we finish packing up and tearing down stuff in Tera.

**Tuesday, March 25 Chad Winsor and some others, as well as a moving truck, come to Tera to help us move to Niamey. Our house is not quite ready, so the stuff is unloaded onto the verandah. We continued to sleep at the house at Sahel.

**Wednesday, March 26 More work is being done on our house. I go to the office and catch up on emails while John does some stuff at home and takes a bit of a breather.

**Thursday, March 27 We go all out on getting stuff moved into our new house. Oh no! It's not going to all fit! Too tired to cook. Food all packed.

**Friday, March 28 Took the morning off to go to our monthly Day of Prayer. Spent the afternoon unpacking. And getting frustrated. Back when we thought we'd be farther along in the settling in process we had agreed to loan our truck to somebody so they could go to the game park. Since we didn't have a vehicle we were limited in what we could move over from storage at the Sahel compound.

**Saturday, March 29 More unpacking. Our truck came back and with it 4 strong young people who helped us move lots of heavy things. What to eat? All food is in boxes. Stove not hooked up. Fridge finally turned on.

**Sunday, March 30 Church and then more unpacking.

**Monday - Saturday, March 31 - April 6 I worked mornings at the office every day this week. John kept working on organizing things. I worked from the time I got home until we went to bed at night. It is starting to look better!!!! Next week I hope to do a blog showing the final, finished, ready-to-visit-us home.

Part of the living room and dining room.

The kitchen before moving into it.

The kitchen with the fridge and stove in. Stuff finding its home in the cabinets. I hope the doors will be put on this week! I REALLY like my kitchen.

The office. It got a lot worse than this before it got better!

Our bedroom.

Suzanne's room.

Suzanne's bathroom.

Our terrace full of STUFF.