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As you know, the place where we are living at Sahel Academy is temporary. A block of three apartments near the SIM office is being remodeled into a duplex. Our end of the duplex will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a storage room, a kitchen, and a living room/dining room. The living room will have it's challenges: it's a long, skinny room with lots of doors on the sides and windows on the ends, so there isn't a lot of wall space to work with.

They are making good progress on the work. These are pictures from a few weeks ago. We were in yesterday and it looks like they are getting ready to paint. We hope to be officially moved in the last week of March.

John in our bedroom.

The kitchen. Yes, both the stove and the fridge should fit in there now!

Suzanne's bathroom. Pretty gross. It's just cement splattered on the walls, though. I hope they clean it up!

The living room/dining room. We are looking towards the dining room. You can see the three doors on the left and there is one on the right plus the kitchen which won't officially have a door.

Outside on the terrace. We have a nice terrace with lots of potted plants. It is shady in the yard...what yard there is. Room for a clothes line and that's about it! Of course, we don't really need a yard since we don't have small children.
John on the terrace.

Y'all come and see us, now! (Wait 'til April, though! :) )