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A Moving Story, Continued

On March 15 we went up to Tera and were there until March 25. John had tons of work to do. He had a two-day seminar on evangelism. All the believers in the area were invited. Then he spent a lot of time working with Amadou. Suzanne and I did a lot of cleaning and finished the packing. But we were bored a lot. We read books, played some games, did cross-stitch, and watched almost all of Season One of Monk. Suzanne was more bored than me. I shouldn't complain because it isn't often that I have nothing to do!!

Here are some pictures of our time in Tera and the official and final move to Niamey. The moving in to our house in Niamey isn't finished, but the move from Tera is.

Suzanne lying on the couch watching something on the DVD player.

Cleaning out the oven.

Spending time with Genghis Khan. Such a rascal, but so lovable. Gonna miss the little guy.

Easter Sunday at the church in D......

Hanging out with the neighbors. The woman on the left is my good friend.

The moving truck arrives. It barely fit through the gate. The writing on it was in German. But it was called "Fauss" and "fausse" in French means "false". It made you wonder about their competency, but everything went well.

Stuff piled up in the living room.

Everything has been moved out.

All the furniture out in the yard.

Watching the white people move their mountains of stuff.

Emptying the water storage tank. Chad Winsor, David Gunderson, their boys, and Chris Potratz came up to help us. I don't know what we would have done without them.
Moving the water tank. The truck left hours before us. It took John all day to get the water turned off. An important paper had been misplaced and he spent all day going from one office to another, making photocopies (or trying to, I should say), etc. The electricity turning-off process took only a few minutes.

We arrived in Niamey around 8 p.m., hot, exhausted, and starving. We were hot because while we were in Tera the air conditioner in the car gave out. I had a little thermometer in the truck and it said it was 106 in the cab! By the time we got to Niamey it was dark and had dropped to a cool 98.

Friends helped unload the moving truck on the Niamey end. Unforunately the "new" house isn't quite finished, so all of our stuff is on the terrace. We hope to start moving in today.