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Moving! creates all sorts of mixed emotions. There is at the same time excitement about the newness of what lies ahead and sadness over saying goodbye. When you tear up roots that have been in one place for 16 years and transplant them in another place, the plant wilts, but as it is watered and nourished it settles in and starts to grow again. We feel a lot like a plant....uprooted, but at the same time starting to perk back up.

Getting our stuff from Tera to Niamey has been interesting to say the least. Our friend, Tim Kusserow, came up with his truck one day and took a load down. Then Ed Chamberlain came with Ray White and took another load in his truck. We've taken down two loads in our truck so far. We will need to rent a bigger truck for the big furniture.

We are living in a temporary home with borrowed furniture while our place is being renovated (I'll do a blog on that another day). So we didn't want to bring it down and have to move it twice. It is still in Tera awaiting the final moving day.

So, here's the story in pictures!
John taking down the solar system. Because we put it in and own all the components of it we took it out and hope to sell it. Suzanne took this picture. I'm glad I didn't see him standing on two stools on top of the desk!

Another one of those last-minute details. We had an aviary in the yard. Last Easter Daniel and Joseph took it down, but didn't have time to take down the supporting poles, so John and Luke did it. We were really glad Luke could spend the weekend between conference and moving to help us! He and John did a lot of the heavy work.

Luke says, "Does anybody have a good plan here? My back's killing me!"

Maybe if we turn it this way it will fit in.

Luke Ardill and Tim Kusserow work on loading up the truck. Tim has this ladder-like contraption that he can hook to the front of his truck, then attach an extension to it that reaches from the cage over the top of the cabin of the truck and right on out over the hood. They decided not to use it, though.

Packing up stuff in our room, moving out suitcases.

Luke shoves in one more box.

Come on! We can pile it a lot higher than this!

John, Ed, and Luke figure out how to load our truck.

Ready to roll! Ed's truck and ours. He has a cage on the back of his so could load up more stuff than we could.
We borrowed a pet taxi for Midnight. She was a bit distressed at first, but then she settled down and slept most of the way. I think being confined to a box gave her a feeling of safety. In fact, once we got into the new house, she spent most of her time in the pet taxi. She didn't want to come out into the big, scary house! (Actually, it's a small house, but it's big to her!) She's ok now.

On the road with a load of stuff....crossing one of the many bridges on the road.