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Spiritual Life Conference

Imagine this...tired, exhausted, discouraged missionaries from all over Niger coming together to spend five days with each other. Imagine a big family reunion and you have a pretty good picture of our spiritual life conference. Throw in superb music and excellent teaching along with delicious meals and you've got the makings of a memorable time.

Our spiritual life conference is probably the highlight of the year for many of us missionaries here in Niger. Many come exhausted and discouraged. Others come encouraged and excited about their ministries. All come ready to listen to the messages and participate in the worship and just to hang out together. It's probably safe to say that all leave encouraged.

John was in charge of the worship this year, but there were some pretty big challenges in getting it all set up. A team came from Green Valley Community Church in CA. They brought with them the speaker, Pastor Ken Burkey, people to help with the kids and youth program, a profession…


One day I was at my neighbor's house and noticed this calf and lamb. They are best friends, following each other everywhere. They even play together, butting up against each other. They seem to show affection by rubbing up against each other....but maybe they're just scratching an itch! It just goes to show that friendship isn't always what you expect it to be!

Can I be honest? Sometimes I feel like people like me for my money and for what they can get out of me. Especially since we've decided to move some people have expressed their distress over us leaving because it is going to hurt them economically. It is easy to convince myself that I am being used.

Then something happens to show that that isn't necessarily true.
Three of Suzanne's m.k. friends came up to visit during the Christmas holidays. We have really wide window sills, and one of the girls laid her cell phone and her jacket in the dining room window (this very window!). Later in the evening when she we…

Christmas in Niger

Days spent going to the market, buying a 100-lb. sack of rice, big squash, spaghetti, huge tins of tomato paste, spices for the sauce, a nice fat goat, and firewood…… Preparing a message for Christmas….. Hiring women to cook the food….. Making numerous trips to Doumba to get people …. Trying to control unruly kids….. Preaching….. Singing and playing the guitar…… Hosting 100 people for the meal in our yard….. More trying to control unruly kids….. Playing games with people….. Making popcorn and Kool-aid for a late afternoon snack….. More trips to take people back to Doumba….. Cleaning up the mess….. EXHAUSTION!

This year, even before we decided to move to Niamey, we realized it was time for other people to take more responsibility for the Christmas celebration. We enjoyed it, but it was so exhausting every year. We felt like if everybody wanted Christmas, then they needed to get involved in it.

To make it simpler this year, we decided to go to Doumba since that’s where the greatest number…