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The Fields Are White Unto Harvest

Do you remember the verse where Jesus says to lift up your eyes because the fields are white unto harvest? Well, the Songhai use the same expression.

During the rainy season, the millet was planted and grew strong and tall. During that time, church members went out and weeded the entire field by hand.
But now, the rainy season has come and gone. As things turn dry, the millet plants begin to dry up, losing their green color. The Songhai then begin saying, "We need to harvest the millet because it is white." Now, if you ask me, the plants are brown, but if you look across an entire field, you could use the word "white" to describe it. It is certainly a contrast to the green that we saw only a month ago.

Remember Jeremy and John's hard work of gathering manure and making a huge compost pile? Then we talked about how Jeremy dug zai holes by hand on the church property. Jeremy never got to see the results of his hard work, so this one is for you, Jeremy. We are currently (I use the word "we" collectively, but I haven't done any work so far!) harvesting the millet.

We have hired two women to get threash the millet. This is a huge job as they have to get the millet off the stalks and then take it to an open, windy place to get all the chaff off it. I hope to get some pictures of this within the next month.

Continue to pray for us as we work towards bringing in a harvest here. At one point, we thought the harvest had begun. Now it seems like we're still digging zai holes. At any rate, God knows where we are in the process and it is He who sends the rain and the sun. May He provide for an abundant harvest of souls.