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Bunny Rabbit

This is the month of Ramadan. After fasting all day in heat that is now exceeding 100 degrees every day, people are ready to enjoy a little good food and special drinks in the evening. They eat treats like dates and drink special juices like lemonade. People stay up late to enjoy the extra treats and to enjoy each other's company. Children have special games they play during Ramadan.

One of their favorites is called "Tooba-tooba" which loosely translated is "The Bunny Rabbit". The kids fold up pieces of paper then tie them on strings which they tie to their bodies. They like to wear other things like a "skirt" that looks somewhat like a Hawaiian grass skirt. They put coke bottle lids in cans which they smash so that they are shut and the lids inside can't fall out. Then they run around the neighborhood together making all sorts of racket. Everybody is supposed to give them a handfull of millet or a few sugar cubes or a little bit of money. It's a lot like Halloween. How do you like Jumaasi's matching outfit? LOL!

Why "The Bunny Rabbit"? I have no idea! I'm still trying to figure it out. I've asked a few kids why they do it and they just say to get the treats. I need to spend time finding out from an adult if they know the history behind it.

Last year an adult came around with the kids. He's kind of a break dancer in a traditional African dance kind of way. He had a machete and acted like he was slicing his neck with it, turned his eyelids inside out, etc. He drew quite a crowd and was quite the entertainer. Jeremy took this photo.
The month of Ramadan is almost over and life will soon go back to normal, including quieter nights!