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Stuck in Niamey

John and Suzanne were going to go up to Tera yesterday, BUT.... and that's a big but!

They were getting ready to go when a friend informed them that the ferry was not was en panne...broken down. Nobody knows when it will be fixed. "Inchalla" as they say...when God wills it. This isn't terribly surprising. Recently we had to back onto the ferry because only one engine was working. That meant that if we drove on backwards, we could drive straight off on the other side, where there is no room to turn around. So apparently now no engines are working!
So, John decided to go with plan B...take the back road. This is a dirt road that one can pick up in Niamey. Since you can cross the river on the bridge in Niamey and take this road, you can bypass the need to cross on the ferry. As you can see, it's not the greatest of roads under the best of conditions. But if you don't mind having your inards shook around a bit it's not too bad. There have been big rains this past week and parts of this road are completely washed out, making it impossible to go this way.
So they are stuck in Niamey. They have no computer because ours was being repaired and didn't come back in time for them to take it back to Niger with them. They are staying in an apartment where the fridge died so they have no way to keep food cold. That makes cooking a challenge because they can only buy just what they can use and they don't want to have any left-overs. They wanted to move to the guest house, but it is full. So I don't think they're having a really good time in Niamey. John does need to catch up on some sleep, so maybe it's a good thing. Maybe John will be able to do a blog next week some time if he can find a computer to use and he can give you more details himself. Just in case, his blog can be found at:
Pray that they'll be able to get to Tera soon.
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