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Safe Arrival

John and Suzanne left for Niger Saturday night. As far as I know everything went well on the Royal Air Maroc flight across the ocean.
They had a 15 hour layover in Casa Blanca, so the airline put them up in a hotel at no extra cost. However, there was one delay after another getting a hotel (long story....I wasn't there, so you'll have to ask John for the details!). They finally got one, but by then they only had about 8 hours left. Still, they got to stretch out in a bed for a few hours. Which is a good thing because their flight from New York to Casa Blanca was a red-eye special, and so was their flight from Casa Blanca to Niamey. (I did not take this picture!....I got it off the internet.)
Apparently the flight to Niamey was two hours late taking off (you'll see in a minute that even though it is never pleasant to wait around in airports it was a God-thing). So, they got into Niamey two hours late. A man met them at the airport and immediately told them about Helene's death (see the post below). He said a group of vehicles were traveling together to Galmi, but they left at 6:00 a..m. and it was already 7:30. He's telling John this story as they are driving out of the airport. John is looking at traffic going by and he said, "Hey! That's one of the cars going now!" So the chauffeur calls one of the cars on his cell phone. The missionaries had been delayed by a series of forgotten items, etc. and were just then meeting at the police point outside of town. They waited for John and Suzanne while the chauffeur took them to the meeting place.
Isn't God amazing? Late planes, forgotten suitcases....turns out to be perfect timing. So John and Suzanne were able to attend Helene's funeral. Even though they were exhausted, it was a privilege for them to be able to go.
One lost suitcase, though....pray that it will show up. I think it's mainly Suzanne's clothes. She probably didn't look this happy when her suitcase didn't show up!
Pray that they will quickly recover from jetlag. Trans-Atlantic travel is exhausting!