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On the Road Again

Today Daniel and I begin our journey towards Cedarville, Ohio where he will be attending Cedarville University (

Tonight we will stay with my sister, Natalie, in Little Valley, NY. On Thursday we will drive to Xenia, Ohio. And on Friday orientation starts for Daniel. On Saturday my parents, my sister, and I will start our trip west. Natalie will stay in CO for a few days to visit her daughter while the rest of us drive on to CA to visit my brother, Dean. From there I'll fly back to Ohio and then on to Niger. I will try to post regularly about my trip.

Meanwhile, school started for Suzanne at Sahel Academy yesterday. In this photo she is giving a testimony in chapel on the last day of school in June. She did such an amazing job. If she gets nervous when she's speaking publicly, she sure doesn't show it!

This is way off the subject of traveling, but during that chapel, the seniors gave some of the other students gag gifts. They presented Suzanne with a book of stories because she is the best story-teller. Anybody who knows Suzanne knows this to be true! Right now I'd love to hear one of her stories. I miss her! I guess it does tie into our travels!

Right now John is in Niamey, but he will soon return to Tera. Poor guy will be all alone there, so pray for him that it won't get too lonesome. He said the rain is coming quite regularly and that the crops in Tera look pretty good.

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