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Days 2, 3, and 4 of our Trip

We are now in Hemet, CA at my brother's house, having been on the road for over a week (from PA, that is).

Daniel and I took a lot of pictures driving from NY at my sister's house to Ohio. Unfortunately I removed all those pictures from my camera and put them on my computer which I didn't bring on this trip, so I can't show you any photos. We had a good trip, but got in a major slow-down in Cleveland caused by construction.

We arrived at Aunt Jeanette's in good time. Uncle Carl had arrived the day before and Mom, Dad, and Natalie arrived late that night because they needed to wait until Natalie got off work to come to Ohio. Aunt Jeanette had a really full house, with every bed and couch full!

Daniel and I went over to Cedarville for
registration. I was so proud of Daniel for wearing his Niger t-shirt on registration day. There's nothing like being proud of your roots!We got there shortly after the line opened and found that there was already a long line.
The next day and a half were very busy with settling in and trying to absorb all that we were being told in the sessions we attended. I regret that I didn't have much time to go through things with Daniel. I think he may have felt a bit overwhelmed, but these things work themselves out and will be a learning experience for him. I told him that the first week will be confusing as everything is new, but after that it will become routine. We were pleased with the size of his room, and with Mom and Natalie's help, soon got everything put away. Meanwhile Dad and Uncle Carl put together a "some-construction-required" bookshelf for Daniel.

On the 2nd day of orientation, I helped Daniel get his books for his classes and then there was a session for mk's that I wanted to attend. So Mom, Dad, and Natalie came and met us at the cafeteria for brunch. While Dad, Daniel, and I attended the mk session, Mom and Natalie finished putting away some stuff in Daniel's room. By the time we left on our trip, Daniel's roommate still hadn't arrived, so I have yet to meet him. Thankfully I will be back to Ohio and will get to meet him then. As you can see, Cedarville has a nice sunny cafeteria with lots of windows and a view of the pond. I would call it a lake, but when I was a student at Cedarville and I referred to it as a lake, all my friends from Michigan would scoff since to them it barely rated as a puddle.

We drove that day through the rest of Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. Near the end of Illinois we ran into construction and moved about 15 miles in two hours. It was extremely late (about 12:30 a.m.) when we finally reached our hotel. Unfortunately a rollicking party was going on and the drunks made plenty of noise most of the night. I put earplugs in and slept pretty well, but we were on the road by 7 or 7:30, pretty tired from our short and restless night.

I will post more about our trip tomorrow. I can't get this picture to move up where I want it, so I'll just add a note here. This is Dad hanging out with his hommie, Paul Dixon, the former president of the college.
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