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Day Six

This was our morning for sleeping in. We were going to eat at a special restaurant at noon, so we had a free morning. Unfortunately Dad thought the clock said 8:00 and thinking we all wanted breakfast, he woke us up. Sadly, some of the lines on the digital clock weren't lit up and it was only 6:00. Mom was in the shower by the time Natalie discovered his mistake. I was able to go back to sleep for awhile.

Before going to the restaurant we drove past where I used to work. This used to be the Geico building...before Geico got big. That was my first full-time job. I was able to finish my senior classes in high school by December and then I worked here until I went to college in September. It was a good paying job with lots of promotions and benefits. That's probably part of the reason Geico became what it is today.

Then we drove past the house we lived in when I was in high school. Whoever bought it after us has totally trashed it. They ripped out all the trees and bushes and did a bad job converting the garage to a family room. Then in the end they moved out and abandoned it. There was a subpoena on the door ordering Mr. So-and-So to appear in court for a hearing in a custody battle. One can only guess at the heart-break that has happened in this sad-looking house.

From there we went to eat at the Casa Bonita Restaurant. This is a Mexican restaurant that took over an out-of-business department store. When you enter, it's like going to a Mexican town. There is even a water-fall where divers take plunges into the pool below. In the evening there are singers that come and perform at your table. There are a lot of fun things for kids to do. I tried to get a picture of the diver, but she was in the water before the camera could write the picture!

From there we went to Westcliffe, CO, which is southwest of Colorado Springs in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. My niece, Alesha (pictured here with her boyfriend), works at Hope Ranch as a office gal/ranch hand/counselor apprentice. It's a beautiful place and I'll write more about it for tomorrow's post. We saw this sign on the way to their ranch. We got a kick out of it since there were so few houses. This is not Hope Ranch, but is very typical scenery for this part of CO and it was near the ranch where Alesha lives.
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