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Day 8

The next day we took the old steam train from Durango to Silverton, CO. We were staying half way between Durango and Silverton and we were able to pick up the train near our hotel. The first hour, from Durango to where we picked up the train, is the most boring part of the trip. So, by picking up the train where we did, we were on the train only for the interesting part.

It took two hours to get to Silverton. The first part of the trip is really scaring because we are right on the edge of the mountain with a sheer drop-off to the Los Alamos River below (I think that's what river it is!). The train creeps along at about 2 miles per hour at that point. It was a very scenic ride....beautiful, beautiful Colorado. As the cowboys at the Bar D Ranch sang, "If God doesn't live in Colorado, it's where He spends most of His time." Fortunately God is omnipresent and we know He spends equal amounts of time everywhere, but it's hard to beat Colorado for beauty. If Colorado is this beautiful, think what heaven will be like!

Silverton is an old silver mining town. It looks pretty much like it did back in the day when silver miners came in from the mountains with their silver to trade for goods. We only had two hours there, which is just not long enough to see everything. I bought some good souvenirs there and had a great time browsing through the shops.
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