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Day 7

Alesha lives with Hope and David Taylor at Ranch of Hope, a ranch that offers counseling and help to marriages and families in crises as well as to burned-out pastors and missionaries. Just spending a night there, I could see that it is truly a healing kind of place. People can get far away from the problems that drag them down, and spend intensive time in counseling with Hope and David who also schedule in large amounts of time for counselees to spend alone with God and with each other.
Hope and David love to use the Sangre de Cristo mountains as a very visual learning tool. Sangre de Cristo means the blood of Christ. As the sun rises each morning, it stains the mountains red (pink really) and the redness flows down from top to bottom. They visually remind each person that comes to them that the blood of Christ flows down to cover their sins and that He can heal their past. For more information about Ranch of Hope you can look up .

Unfortunately we had to leave early to be on our way to our next place, so we didn't get to spend as much time with Alesha as we would have liked. We left Natalie there and she was with Alesha until Saturday.

We saw lots of gorgeous scenery that day as we got to travel smaller roads in lieu of the interstate. We checked into our hotel at Silver Pick, CO in the late afternoon, then got ready to go to the Bar D Ranch.

The Bar D Ranch is a place with little western shops and so on. But the main attraction is a chuck-wagon style meal served on tin plates. They can serve a crowd of about 200 people in a matter of minutes. Everybody sits at picnic tables under the open sky. After the meal, the cowboys sing western songs. They had a good comedy going between them and were excellent singers who have even performed at the Grand Ole Opry. It was a great show and very reasonably priced. If you're ever in Colorado, make sure you go to the Bar D Ranch or if you're in the Colorado Springs area, to the Flying W Ranch.
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