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Day 1 of our Trip West

Fortunately we didn't have to get up too early to start yesterday's trip. We needed to wash sheets and towels and remake the beds before we left. Unfortunately, when we were too far down the road to turn back I remembered that we had left some of our clothes in the dryer.....they'll be sent to us in Ohio.

Daniel loaded up the car while I finished putting away dishes, etc. The car is loaded, but not overly so. Somebody else is bringing his

biggest suitcase and a smaller one. If I didn't have a big suitcase, all of his stuff would have fit in the car. That's pretty much everything he owns at this point....he has one box of stuff in the DeValve's attic. That box is mainly his Louis L'Amour book collection.

Here we are driving with the big boys...up I-81 to Binghamton, and then across New York on 17/86. It was a beautiful day. The mountains in this area are small compared to what we'll see out west, but they're too big to be called hills. This is a beautiful part of the country.

Daniel and his cousin, Jeremiah, got in some good cousin-time while my sister, Natalie, niece, Erika, and mom and dad and I went shopping looking for an extra-long twin bed mattress cover. It looks like Target had had such an item, but there were none to be found.

Later in the evening four of us were using our computers all at the same time. I couldn't get all four of us in the photo at the same time. This is Jeremiah and Erika and my computer is on the end of the table. Daniel was in the living room.

Later today we leave my sister's house on Bucktooth Run Road for Xenia .

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