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A Golden Anniversary

My mother and father-in-law celebrated their 50th anniversary. The celebration took place from June 20-24. It was like a big family reunion.

On the 20th Tim and Laurie and their 4 sons came over for Dad D's birthday. After supper he said he wanted us to sing at the piano. We all enjoyed that immensely. Here we have Jacob leading the singing and John playing the piano. Too bad you can't hear all Jacob's sound effects!

Mom D's 4 sisters and their husbands arrived in the evening of June 21. The next afternoon they came over. Dad D entertained us by showing us all his hats. We also had another hymn sing around the piano. This photo shows Uncle Willard, Aunt Lucille, and Aunt Bev singing. Let me digress a moment....Uncle Willard and Aunt Lucille have been to Niger! Uncle Willard set up our solar system for us back in our pre-electricity days!

That evening we had a picnic at Tim and Laurie's house. Unfortunately it decided to rain right at picnic time! This is Mom D and Aunt Muriel and Aunt Lucille waiting for the rain to go away!

On Saturday Mom and Dad D took us all to the Chinese Buffet for lunch. Here we have from left to right Aunt Muriel (Uncle Sev went to heaven about two years ago), Aunt Bev, Uncle Walt, and Dad and Mom D. On the other side of the table was Uncle Willard, Aunt Lucille, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Joyce. Then there was the "middle aged" table with John and I, Jim and Beth Anne, and Laurie. Tim had taken Seth to a sporting event and Dave hadn't arrived from OK yet. Then Jim's sons and their girlfriends were at a table and Daniel, Suzanne and the other cousins were at a table.
In the afternoon Laurie, her mom, Suzanne, Caleb's girlfriend Carrie, BethAnne, and I went to the church and did as much ahead-of time food preparation as we could. Meanwhile John went to the airport to pick up his brother, Dave. And Mom and Dad D went to the airport to pick up Dad's brother, Herb, along with his daughter and son-in-law. That evening we went out for supper with my parents who were staying at a hotel. It happened to be the same hotel where the aunts were staying! We went to Friendlys and just had soups and salads since we'd had such a big lunch. Mom and Dad D went out to a really posh restaurant for supper with their sisters and brothers and in-laws.

We had the anniversary party Sunday afternoon. Here's Suzanne helping to set out some of the food.

The aunts and some of the cousins sang "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us". I think they had had that song at their wedding.

Cutting the cake which I guess was pretty much just like the one they had at their wedding. The cake topper was the same one they had on their wedding cake.

The four sons...John, Jim, Dave, and Tim. If Dave and Tim switched places, they'd be in birth order.

The oldest and the youngest, John and Dave, look the most alike. In fact, somebody came up to John and asked how the house construction was's Dave that's building the house. Somebody else asked Dave how the water situation is in Tera....uhhh, he hasn't been there so he doesn't really know!

Here's a shot of Mom D and her four sisters in birth order from right to left: Jean, Muriel, Bev, Lucille, and Joyce. The other four all live in Tacoma, Washington....or near Tacoma, anyway.

Caleb designed a new DeValve family crest that was really cool. That was the family gift to Mom and Dad D and they also got polo shirts with the crest on it. In fact, we will all be getting these shirts. So, it was a really great party!