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Sweet 16

Suzanne's 16th birthday was on May 22. Because the 10th graders were taking exams this week, and because her birthday was on a week night, just our family went out for supper on the 22 nd. We went to a nice Lebanese restaurant called La Cascade. We gave Suzanne her gifts at the restaurant and she opened them while we waited for our food. We all ordered pita bread and hummus for an appetizer and then Suzanne had a pasta meal, I had steak au poivre, John had chicken, and Daniel had lamb chops. We were all pleased with our meals. We stopped and bought ice cream bars at a grocery story when we took the kids back to the dorm for the night.

Then today, Friday, we had the 2nd part of her birthday. She invited all the girls in her class over and all but two came. Daniel wanted to come for the food, so he invited his friend Joseph Cail to come along. The two of them are always ready and willing to show up for meals!

I made tacos. We can't buy taco shells or tortillas here, but pita bread works pretty well. So I made a delicious homemade salsa and then we also had cucumbers and carrot sticks with ranch dressing as a dip.

We had a chocolate cake for Suzanne. I had forgotten to bring birthday candles, but John found some cheap ones at one of the little food shops. The problem was that they were so soft from the heat they kept drooping over. Daniel got them all lit and before we could start singing half of them went out. So he lit them again and they went out again. So, I think she only had to blow out about 9 of the 16 candles.

Then she opened the gifts that her friends brought. She got some cute things from them. We had had a jeweler make a purity ring for Suzanne and it wasn't ready until today. In fact, it wasn't ready until the last minute because it was supposed to have engraved on it "One Life...One Love". But the jeweler who doesn't read English...who probably doesn't read at all...had written "Noe Life". Well, that would never do! It was a special moment for John to give it to her....we had told her about it on Tuesday night. Then she signed a pledge card and her friends all signed as witnesses. They were all excited about turning 16 and getting purity rings, too. May God keep each of these girls pure until their marriage day. We pray often for both Daniel and Suzanne to have godly spouses who will love God above all.

A Nigerien lady that teaches part time at Sahel Academy has taken over operating the restaurant at the airport. She was having an ice cream night and then a jazz band. So the girls wanted to go out there and Daniel and Joe did, too. They went to get two of Joe's fellow staff members, so we met them there. But it seems that the ice cream part of the evening was over by the time we got there! The kids had fun, anyway, just being with each other. The jazz was pretty good, but the drinks we ended up buying were pretty pricey!

Now she and her girl-friends are settling in for a long night of games and movies. I'm afraid I can't stay up any longer to get photos of that! The power has gone off, so I'm not sure what they're going to do. I need to paste this into an MS word document so I can save it and try to post it later.

Well, I wanted to share these pictures of our sweet daughter. She is truly beautiful, both inside and out. We love her and are exceedingly proud of her!

It is now June 2 and I am just now posting this! That is because when the power came back on the internet was still down. Even the next morning it was still down, and we were on our way back to Tera. As you know, there is no internet connection in Tera, so I have not been able to post this until today!