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Strawberries in Niger??!!

There are gardens along the Niger River that grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables that they sell in the Niamey markets.

Sahel Academy is beside the Niger River. There are gardens separating the Academy compound and the river. There are also gardens between the compound where the guest house is and the river. The gardener for Sahel Academy, Leni, has his own gardens where he raises STRAWBERRIES!
What a treat these are when they are in season between January and April. Often they are finished by the end of March, so I was surprised when Mr. Strawberry Man came yesterday and asked if I wanted more strawberries. How could I resist?
I rinse them off in bleach water, cut them up, spread them out on a cookie sheet, freeze them, then put them in Ziploc bags. All through the season when we can't get fresh things we can enjoy frozen strawberries.
In February they are big, plump strawberries, like the ones in this photo. The ones he brought yesterday were the end of the season and they were pretty small. I don't know how they could even survive when every day is over 110!
I don't know how we survive when every day is over 110! Knowing those strawberries are in my freezer for a treat on a hot day helps get me through!