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Easter seems like a distant memory already, but I'm going to go ahead and post some photos from the day so you'll know what it was like for us.

We collected all the people in our church in Tera and drove to Doumba, about 7 miles away. We decided to combine the two churches, Tera and Doumba, since both are small and neither really have a pastor. We sat outside in what felt like a barnyard. Our mats were right beside where the sheep are tied up at night so we were right by piles of sheep dung. People would walk by and those worshipping would greet them and talk to them for awhile before turning back to listen again. Women continued working all around us....pounding grain, sifting flour, etc. But we had a great time singing....The Doumba folks are Gourmas and the Gourmas are great singers. Then John gave a good Easter message, followed by communion.

After the service we went home and had lamb chops and I forget what else. I wanted to make a mustard sauce for the lamb chops, but I didn't have any mustard. So I went to a little shop down the street to get some, but he didn't have any. So I went to the next little shop and he didn't have any, so on to the next little shop. I kept going like that and before I knew it, I was all the way to the market where there are bigger little shops. I finally found some at one of those shops. I was so hot by then, too, because it was about 110 in the shade. So I bought a bag of water (cold water to drink is sold in plastic bags here!) and sat in the shop and drank my water before I headed home. That made dinner quite late and no time to make dessert.

So, that was pretty much our Easter. I hope you enjoy these photos. Isn't it cool how we don't have to have a fancy church or new Easter clothes to celebrate our Lord's resurrection! It would be easier to get into a spirit of celebration if it weren't so miserably hot, though!

I was trying to take pictures of the kids and just as I would get ready to snap it, they would come in real close trying to see what was inside this weird contraption. I thought it was pretty funny.