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What to Do with Those Kids

As all you parents and teachers know, the best thing to do with kids is keep them busy! So, on Wednesday afternoons, which the kids have off of school, I have a Kids' Club for kids. John helps me with the music and Jeremy helps me with crowd control. That's why he has the stick in his hands. "Frapper! Frapper!" (Loosely translated, "I'm going to hit you!") As the famous line goes...Walk softly and carry a big stick. No, he doesn't normally hit kids, but the stick speaks their language.

Anyway, I digress.... Back to the club. We have singing, then we have a Bible story, a verse, a lesson in French, and we color a picture. I was trying to do a game with the kids, but the boys just wanted to leave to go play soccer, so I gave up on the game. Right now we are studying Elisha. Those are exciting stories and the kids listen spell-bound. That's about the only time during the club when they are really good! I also teach them Sunday School, which is the same idea, but it's more low-key. In Sunday School we are studying the Life of Christ. Those are exciting stories, too. I guess you'd have to say, really, that the Bible is an exciting book!

These kids are not always well behaved....I mean, look at the line up of boys on the couch. Don't they look mischevious? But, I love teaching them.
Well, that gives you a glimpse into what I spend most of my time doing. Hours and hours go into preparation because of doing it in another language.
There will be another blog coming up talking about teenagers. By the way, there was an opening line on my previous blog that didn't show up. I said that 50% of Niger's population is under 15! Kids are everywhere!!!! They're bored and they want to be loved.
All the photos on this post are by Joni Byker. I don't know if she's posted our pictures on her website yet, but you can check at