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Home Improvements

Well, I'm back in Niamey, but just for overnight. The kids have a long weekend off school. Daniel will be going to Ougadougou for a softball tournament. Jeremy wanted to go along, so I brought him down. Suzanne and her roommate wanted to come to Tera, so it all worked out nicely.

We got so busy the week of Christmas and the week after that my house lady could only do the most basic chores. Things like dusting the window sills just didn't get done. Then we went to Niamey for two weeks. From Christmas until the time we returned to Niamey we had very heavy harmattan. (See John's blog for a good description: So when we got home, our house was filthy. These pictures show a window sill, our dresser, and the floor inside the kitchen door that doesn't quite completely shut. Thankfully, she has caught up on the cleaning and has been keeping up with it better.

The past three weeks have gone by so quickly. But we life has been pretty routine and I haven't thought about what to post on my blog. Or maybe it's that I've been so busy that I haven't thought much about it. Two big things that happened are that first, Joni Byker came to Tera to take pictures of our work. She has a website: I don't know if any of our pictures are up yet, but she's a great photographer.

The 2nd thing that happened is that Chad Winsor along with his wife and two children spent a weekend in Tera. Chad worked nonstop at fixing stuff that had fallen into disrepair. Two of the most exciting for me was that he fixed the floater for the water storage tank so that it will fill itself and cut off when full. That means I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to fill the tank. Because the middle of the night is about the only time we have water now. It's great to have that tank and have water all day. The other wonderful thing he did is to install more lights in our living room/dining room. That room was really dark with only one flourescent bulb. Now we have three!! We can see our food again! We can see if our Dutch Blitz cards are blue or green! We can see the layers of dust on the table!

We had two weeks of clear and therefore much hotter days. But now it is back to harmattan and cool nights. Gotta love all this dust!