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Christmas, Part II

The 2nd part of our Christmas was our family Christmas which we always celebrate on December 26. We discovered a long time ago that it was just too stressful to try to get up and do gifts and get ready for the church Christmas at the same time. So we celebrate on the 26th and just lock the gate and hibernate for the day.

We didn't put our Christmas decorations out until December 17 when the kids got home for the holidays. We all got a kick out of our Advent candles that came out in weird twisted shapes after having been stored in an extremely hot climate for two years. We put Baby Jesus from the creche in the middle and it looks like even the candles are worshipping him. Daniel burnt his hand in hot water just before we started decorating, so that's why he has a cloth wrapped around it. Don't worry, it's not a cast.

We did our shopping in Niamey but it seemed like there just wasn't much available. We had brought some gifts with us from the US, so we ended up with plenty of gifts. You may be wondering what Jeremy has in his hand in the picture of him...they are shot glasses, but here they are used for drinking the hot African tea that he enjoys making and drinking.

It didn't seem like the stores in Niamey had as many of the imported Christmas things as they usually do...maybe their shipments hadn't come in yet. I really wanted chicken for Christmas, but couldn't find any except the tough bush variety. Still, we managed. We had the traditional sticky buns for breakfast. Then we had lamb chops for dinner. It was more like a Sunday dinner than a special Christmas dinner, but everybody was well fed.

We spent the rest of the day listening to new CDs, watching a new movie, and reading new books.

I tried putting up a picture of myself, but couldn't get it up. I've run out of time, but will post some more next