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The Best News of All

All my posts these past few weeks have been about the Christmas holidays in Tera. I think I've pretty much covered the highlights, but I've saved the best news til last.

This boy has decided to follow the King of Kings! He understands what is in store for him and is going into this with his eyes wide open. He wants to read God's precious Word with me and I'm excited about discipling him.

This whole post probably sounds rather understated and it is. My brother told me about certain governments reading his blog (because he worked in their countries) and I can't just assume the same doesn't happen here. We live in a secular state so he would never be publicly persecuted by the powers that be. But others could definitely make life difficult for him. We heard of a family in another village whose widowed mother was not given grain by those (a private agency) distributing it because they had heard her son was a Christian.

So, if you'd like the full story and if you didn't get our e-mail account, please e-mail me and I'll share the details with you. Just let's say that we are rejoicing greatly and want you to share in that joy! And to pray for this boy.

By the way, he's older than he looks in this picture, but I'm not going to post his age!

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