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It's Cold!

It's cold, folks! The wind blows and howls and dust swirls in the air. People who normally sleep outside crowd into their small houses, close the doors and windows, and thrive in the warmth of each others' bodies. (Except Jeremy who started sleeping outside when it got cold.) Children squat around the cooking fires in the early morning and evenings. Skin dries out and chaps from the dry cold. People wear sweaters, hats, and winter coats.

And how cold is it? Down in the 50's at night, up into the 80's during the day!!!! It was down to 49 one night. But seriously, when you're used to 110 degrees, that's pretty cold. And it is dry -- if there could be negative humidity, we've got it. We don't know what the humidity is because our reader won't read below 20%. So all we know is that it's below 20%.

I've posted some of my favorite pictures of people trying to keep warm in the cold season. This is our favorite season, by the way, because we feel more energetic than we do in the exhausting hot season.

These two had several layers on, including the sweaters. They were enjoying their breakfast in the sunshine.

This little cutie often has on a winter hat and long knitted pants. Her parents come to church every single Sunday. They are from another part of Niger, but work in Tera.

And here's John in his sweatshirt. He actually sleeps in this thing some nights. That's because I like the windows wide open and the fan on full blast, so he puts it on in self-defense.
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