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Church Work Days

Remember the wall we built around the church property? While we were gone on home assignment, a grass mat shelter was built so we could have church there. But during the rainy season we didn't meet there because we had to go way out of the way to get there because of having no good place to cross the river. Then the weeds took over.

So we organized some church work days to clear the property and we have since started meeting there. That is, the adults go over there and I stay in our ministry room with the kids for Sunday School. This picture was taken during the first work day. Does it remind you of another famous portrait?

This past Saturday there was another work day and Jeremy goes over there quite often on his own and works at clearing brush. We will have the Christmas service there.

I was not able to help this past Saturday. Years ago we met a Dutch lady in Tera and got to know her and her husband a little. They have since returned to Holland, but she comes to Tera every now and then to do research. I won't go into details her to protect her privacy, but last Friday she began having seizures. I was able to take her to Niamey on Saturday so she could be near medical help and so they could start the medical evacuation process to get her back to Holland as soon as possible. Fortunately her father traveled with her on this trip. She was hospitalized on Monday after having another seizure and unfortunately they couldn't work everything out quickly enough to get her out on Monday night. Now she has to wait until Friday night. We introduced them to our Dutch friend here in Niamey and he and his wife have helped them a lot. Then when we got back to Niamey on Tuesday we've been able to help them some, too. We had her dad in for supper last night.