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A Virtual Tour, Part IV

From the living room, you go through this little arch -- a feature unique to our house! There's a little hallway there and we have a cupboard where we keep our games and puzzles. This is also our "hall of fame" where all our family and relatives pictures are hung.

This hall leads you straight into the bathroom. To say that you can see it all in this picture says it all! You can turn around in it, but not much more! That is our shower curtain to the left. It's about big enough to stand in...turning around or bending over is questionable! You can see the toilet and the sink and there is a little cupboard for the towels. Everything else is in the window. Because we live in a mud-brick house, the window sills are about a foot wide and make good storage places... if you don't mind if the stuff being stored gets dusty!
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