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Virtual Tour of Our House

When you come in our gate (I forgot to get a picture of that!) straight ahead you see our house with a big blue water tank or "chateau" as they say here. This is for water storage because a good part of the year we are without water or have very little water. To your right, upon entry, there is an outside bathroom, which is just a hole in the ground. When water has been really scarce, we have used that so we can minimize water use. But at the moment we are using the inside toilet. Hallelujah!

To the left is this building which houses our office/classroom and a store room. I spend a lot of time in the classroom as that's where I do all my teaching and most of my studying. The teen guys like to hang out in there, too, studying and doing homework.

Here you can see what it looks like inside. We have lots of French books people can borrow, Bible correspondence courses people can take, picture books kids can look at, and videos and DVDs to watch. It's also where we have most of our classes, as I said above.

This is a picture of my desk while studying for a Sunday School lesson. I've got going at one and the same time, the English lesson, its Songhai translation, a Zarma Bible, an English Bible, and a Zarma dictionary, as well as the notes I'm making. I'm not too confused, really!

And this is what happens after all that studying. Kids come and hear the Gospel message. This day, though, Suzanne was teaching. What a natural. I have a weird accent and a limited vocabulary. She (and Daniel), however, speaks like a native.