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A Week in Tera

Daniel and Suzanne were home this entire week. It was a great time. They got to sleep in and relax after finishing their first quarter of school. It was also Jeremy's first week in Tera, so Daniel introduced him to a lot of his friends and showed him around a bit. John and I tried to spend as much time with the kids as possible. I spent a lot of time cooking and Suzanne was a wonderful helper in the kitchen. (The boys did KP duty, too! :) )

Suzanne got henna put on her feet. First you put black electrical tape on your feet to create a well-defined line for the henna. Then you put the henna on and leave it for several hours. When you take the henna off, your feet are a reddish color. This red color is then covered up with a special "something" that creates a chemical reaction and turns the red to black. You then have beautiful pitch black feet. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the end product!

One day Daniel and Jeremy and co. rented bikes and rode around for about an hour. The bikes are all used and are not in top-notch condition! Jeremy's bike had no brakes and Daniel's chain kept coming off. But, hey! for about 25 cents, you can't get too picky! Tour de France, here we come!


How interesting about the henna! How long does it last? Is it strictly for the looks?? Is it common there?
Carol Wilson said…
Great photos! Thank you so much.

Please know that we pray for you daily, not to become discouraged. During this month, we especially ask God to reach people's hearts through miraculous means.

We love you for loving Jeremy.

Hannatu said…
If you leave the henna just red it lasts 4 to 6 weeks. Interestingly if you make it black, it comes off a lot more quickly, maybe 2 to 3 weeks.
journeyer said…
I'm curious abou the Henna too. Is it just for looks? like instead of socks? What ages of women do it?
Anonymous said…
All ages do it. Yes, it's just for looks. Consider it make-up for the feet! People are getting ready for the end of the fast and there will be a big celebration on Sunday or Monday, so now all the women are buying henna and doing their hands and feet. But you only do your left hand because if you do your right hand you can't eat because you are only allowed to eat with your right hand!
mymeanderings said…
I want henna!!! I have talked Steve into doing it a number of time, but it is our own job from Henna and other producs bought in Indian grocery stores.
The electrical tape is such a good idea!
Hannatu said…
Hey, MyMeanderings! All you have to do is come to Tera and we can have you with beautiful black feet and a left hand in no time flat!
I love henna.