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We were in town last weekend for the annual softball tournament. Sahel Academy had three teams this year...two "social" and one "competitive". Pretty much the social teams are junior high and high school kids and the competitive are men or older teens. Daniel was the captain of the older social team. I tried and tried to get a good photo of him at bat, but didn't ever succeed! Anyway, his team made it all the way to the finals. We lost that game, giving us 2nd place in the Social Division of the tournament. Ironically, it was Daniel's best-played game of the entire tournament. He had two runs to third base and one home run. Unfortunately he was the first up to bat with the home run, so he didn't get any RBI's.

By the way, the title "NUTS" is because that's what the tournament is called...NUTS...Niamey Universal Tournament of Softball (I think). I say it's NUTS because they play out in the blazing hot sun. It is probably at least 115 in the sun. Daniel played one game on Friday afternoon, three on Saturday, at something like 11, 1, and 3. If you know anything about Niger, you'll know that those are the hours when the heat is most unbearable! Then he played two games on Sunday, at 11 and at 4. Thankfully a huge cloud came up during the 4:00 game and gave them a little relief.

The tournament ended with a banquet of Mexican food. Mmmmmm, it was good.

Jeremy had arrived Friday evening, thankfully with no glitches in his travel. I think he enjoyed the tournament, but it was a bit overwhelming to meet everybody at once. Also, it may have given him a false impression of our life in Niger. We probably saw and talked to more English-speaking people in one weekend than we normally do in 6 months!
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