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Last post was about my cute little neighbor girl. This post is about one of her big sisters. I can't decide if I want to use names on my blog or not. In some ways I doubt if it will matter if I do. But on the other hand, especially in stories like this one, I want to do everything in my power to protect the person from possible persecution. So, I will probably use a code name or initials so I don't have to call the person "she" or some other ambiguous non-name.

So, we'll call this girl Mary. I talked about her some while we were on home assignment, so you might know this story already!

Suzanne and Mary have grown up together and have been really good friends. When I started having kids' club and Sunday School, Mary showed up for every single class. She loved everything that was being taught and I could tell she was really understanding it. Whenever there was a fete (a holiday) on a Sunday, she would come to Sunday School instead of celebrating with her friends.

When we showed the Jesus video in different places throughout town in the week before Christmas, she went with us every single night. When the crucifixion scene would come up, Mary would hide her face or move away from the screen so she wouldn't have to watch it. The fact that Jesus suffered so much really moved her.

Before we left for home assignment, I talked to her about following Jesus. But I said if she followed Him, she need to follow Him and Him alone. She couldn't follow Him and follow her people's religion at the same time. She wasn't sure if she could do that, even though she appears to love Jesus with her whole heart.

While we were on home assignment, she got married. She is about 16. Her husband took her to Ghana with him. I have really missed her since she's been gone and we've come back. Like her little sister, she was around all the time. She helped fill in the big hole Suzanne leaves when she's at boarding school.

Now, just a few days ago....and this is why I am repeating this story...her brother told me that she said she is looking for somebody in Ghana to teach her the Bible.

Please pray about this! She speaks Fulani and Songhai. She does not speak English or any Ghanaian languages. There are many, many Christians in Ghana, but not many who would speak Fulani or Songhai. Pray that she will "run into" a Christian that can communicate with her and can lead her to a full understanding of what it means to accept Christ.

I love this girl and want her to be a part of God's family!