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Our house is in chaos right now. As my dad would say, it looks like a couple of missionary barrels exploded in here. Stuff is everywhere ...sort of organized...piles of books, piles of clothes, piles of medicine, piles of kitchen things, etc.

We said we wouldn't take much back with us this time, but somehow it accumulates. We have a lot of gifts to take back to our Nigerien friends. In their culture, a traveler always returns with gifts for family and friends.

We have shoes because the ones we can get there just don't last. Same with underwear.

We have some medicines and kitchen items we just can't get there.

New pillows and sheets. Sweat ruins bedding so fast and our old stuff was looking pretty bad.

Computer stuff. Definitely can't get that there.

We're packing it up in boxes and suitcases. Fortunately both John and I work on it. In some families one or the other spouse hates packing and is really bad at it and the other spouse ends up doing it all. It's rather a fine art finding just the right spot for that odd shaped item and not going over the 70-pound weight limit.

So, the chaos is slowly turning into packed boxes. I hate disorder so this is always somewhat stressful. Pray for us to get all the packing done and maybe have a day or two to just relax! LOL

Most of all, pray for the van to sell. We hate to leave it for somebody here to have to sell for us.