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Leavin' On a Jet Plane...and a ferry...and a Toyota pickup

Well, folks, this is it. The computer will be packed today. We're still taking care of details, still running around, but this is it. If it doesn't get done today it won't be done! It's been hard to say good-bye, but I'm looking forward to saying hello to friends in Niger. It's hard to leave the life we've had here this year, but God has called us to Niger. He worked the miracle of bringing in our support and He'll sustain us in Niger. It's so obvious He wants us there!

Our van is being sold by a friend, but we'll likely have to settle for a lower price. We appreciate their doing this for us.

It is raining in Niger, but it's not a great rainy season. Pray for the rain to continue into October. That would be very unusual, but God is able.

Friends from church have fed us every night for a little over a week and that has been so helpful!

We leave here tomorrow, August 10, around noon, driving to JFK airport. Our flight leaves at 6-something p.m. EST. We will arrive in Paris on August 11, at 6-something a.m. Paris time (about 1 a.m. EST). We'll have about 4 hours in the Paris airport before we leave for Niger, arriving there on August 11 at 3-something p.m. (about 10 a.m. EST). By the time we get through customs at the airport, it will be supper-time. Somebody will feed us and then we'll head for the showers and for bed. We'll be exhausted by then!

The next day we'll do a little bit of grocery shopping, then head for Tera. This is us waiting to board the ferry and the next picture is the ferry we cross the Niger River on. The last picture is typical of Niger scenery...sand, sand, more sand. This was taken in the dry season. It should be greener than this at this time of year.

We hope to surprise our friends there! We'll spend a few days there before we bring Daniel and Suzanne back for the opening of school on August 16.

There is no internet access in Tera, so I will only be posting once a month when we go to Niamey. It will take us awhile to get everything reconfigured on the computer. Nothing ever happens as smoothly as you would like!

So, pray that we can get all our boxes on Air France, that all the details of the trip will go smoothly, that everything will arrive with us, that we will have a happy reunion with our friends, and that there will be enough rain for a crop. Pray for Daniel and Suzanne as they say good-bye here and readjust to life in Niger.
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