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Day 2, Time in Paris

We arrived in Paris in the morning on Friday. The plan had been to get the connecting flight to Niamey later in the day. But that flight was leaving about the time we were landing in Paris. So we found our way to the place where you find out about connecting flights. You should have seen the line! In fact if you look, you'll see John just to the right of one of the big poles...the guy with the hat. We met up with two other missionary families and one single guy all on their way to Niamey and in the same predicament. Daniel made the most of the waiting time by taking a nap on the floor. The cold metal chairs were not conducive to sleeping in!

After three hours in line, it was finally our turn. We were told they could get us on a flight going to Morocco on Sunday and from Morocco to Niamey. But, they said, you'll have to collect your luggage and take it with you to your hotel. We told them that would be impossible as we had 27 pieces and the other family had 18 and the single guy had 3. The agent said, "Oh la la!" and went and spoke to her supervisor. We were given the OK to leave the luggage at the Paris airport. Anyway, all this took another 2 or 3 hours.

From there we found the information desk and made reservations at a hotel. One family had small children and decided to stay near the airport. But we found it was cheaper to stay in Paris and we wanted to do some sight-seeing. It took a long time to find rooms for all of us and we finally ended up with us being in one hotel in two rooms and the other family and the single guy in a nearby hotel in three rooms.

We were so glad to get some supper at a Paris restaurant. It was a chilly night, but we ate out on the street because there was so much smoke inside the restaurant. The owner's dog wandered freely around. The food was delicious and we were starved. We had had a pitiful breakfast on the plane and had had no lunch. The other family had a few Euros on them and bought us a bottle of water. So we were pretty dehydrated, too.

We sure slept well that night!
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