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4th of July

We arrived in the US a year ago on the 4th of July. As we flew from Chicago to Charlotte, we could see fireworks going off below. What seemed enormous and loud from the ground looked small and silent from the air. But from either vantage point, it was a beautiful sight.

Having lived overseas, I think the US is like that for me. Those who live here and never travel tend to think the US has the only way of doing things. But I see things from a different perspective and know that other forms of government and ways of doing things can also work. However, I still think the US is one of the best countries on earth and I am proud to be an American!

The entire DeValve family was together for the July 4th weekend. This was the first time in over four years that we've all been together. It was a fun, but noisy time. There are 13 grandchildren, and only 4 of them are girls. This is Suzanne with her three girl cousins (all sisters) and this is Daniel with two of the cousins.
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