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A New Driver

I guess one could say Daniel has wanted to drive for a long time! This push car was his favorite toy until somebody too big for the toy sat on the steering wheel part. That was the end of that car! And all little boys love sitting in Daddy's seat, pretending to drive.

Well, he need pretend no longer. Daniel is now an official licensed driver! He got his permit in October and has logged the required 50 hours of supervised driving. So, on June 14, the day school officially let out, I took him down to the local DMV for his road test. He passed with flying colors and is now the proud owner of a Pennsylvania license. He says his only worry is that I'm going to make him run errands for me now!

He does a good job driving. Things are still a bit mechanical for him rather than automatic, but that will come with experience. Still, it's a bit scary handing him the keys and letting him go off by himself. He went over to his friend's house last night and got home safely. Here in Pennsylvania he has a "junior license" at least until he is 18. With the junior license, he is not supposed to be driving past 11 p.m. Otherwise, he doesn't really have any special restrictions.

I'm proud of him as I watch him grow up, but a little scared, too. This was a big step towards independence. I don't really want Daniel or Suzanne to stay dependent on us, but still.....part of me dreads the day they're fully off on their own.