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Flannelgraph is thought by many to be old and out-dated, but I would have to disagree. One furlough when we were home for an extended time while John worked on his Masters degree, we lived in an apartment in Columbia, SC. I had a Good News Club in our home for kids that lived in the apartment complex and I used the CEF flannelgraph. The kids were fascinated and one boy thought I had some kind of magic trick exclaiming, "How'd you get that to stick up there?!" I use the same flannelgraph and CEF lessons in Niger. We've translated them into Songhai and it works well with the kids who haven't been spoiled by high-tec entertainment.

When I started teaching the women, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Because they are illiterate, I decided to take pretty much the same approach I do with kids. I tell stories while stressing a particular biblical truth, use lots of repitition, and illustrate with pictures. The women love it just as much as the kids do! By the way, only 7% of Niger's women can read. In my class of about 10 women, two of them can read.

Recently one of our supporters, a friend in the DeValve's church in CT, gave me a gorgeous set of flannelgraph figures. The figures can be interchanged to give endless variety. This shows a "page" that is just animals. There are also several backgrounds: outdoors, a lake or ocean, and a palace. At the top an outdoor scene is set up with figures of Jesus and people. I can't wait to start using these figures! This was a perfect gift and I just had to show it to all of you!

Off the subject...tomorrow I will be traveling out to NY for my niece's graduation, then to Creation here in PA, immediately after that to CT, and then down to VA and the Carolinas. I'll try to keep blogging, but I don't know how possible that will be while we're on the road. So if you don't hear from me for three weeks, well, keep checking because I'll be back!