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Suzanne's Birthday

Today is Suzanne's 15th birthday. She has been a joy and I'm proud to be her mom! (Not that we haven't had our moments!)

Because her birthday is on a Monday we decided to have her party on Friday the 19th. The nice thing about that day was that there was no school. The district had set aside a certain number of snow days, but since it wasn't a snowy winter, they hadn't used all the days and so they gave it to them free. Daniel and Suzanne slept in and I cooked and decorated. John came home with a dozen roses for Suzanne. That is a tradition we borrowed from my sister's husband who gave his daughters roses for their 16th birthdays. But since there won't be any roses in Niger when she turns 16, John did it this year. She was really pleased.

She invited 6 girls from church/school to come to her party. They had such a good time together. We had home-made bread sticks, home-made pizza, and a vegetable tray for supper. Suzanne wanted "Dirt" for her cake. "Dirt" is a dessert made of Oreo cookies, pudding, cream cheese, and cool whip and is very delicious -- and rich and I dare say fattening! I did make a low-fat version of it, though, so we could enjoy it without guilt. After supper Suzanne opened her gifts. She got so many cute things -- her friends know her well. She got clothes, picture frames, stuff for making cards, a beach towel, sunglasses, flip-flops, candles, a journal, and an electric teakettle (so she can make chai in her dorm room!). We gave her the best gift last. Her grandparents had given her and me money for tickets to Creation which is a 4-day festival of Christian music. You camp for four days and go to one concert after another. So, I printed out the tickets and the cover page showing all the artists that will be there. I put that in a big envelope and on the envelope I stuck photos of Third Day, Casting Crowns, and Super Chic[k]. I wrote "Third Day, Casting Crowns, and Super Chic[k] would like to wish you a happy birthday." Then I put the envelope in a beach bag with a sun visor and sunscreen. She pulled it out and was reading it out loud, but couldn't quite figure out what was going on until she pulled out the tickets. This picture shows how excited her friends were for her and how stunned she was. It was so much fun giving this to her! We also had a collapsable chair for her to sit in at Creation.

Her friends brought the "princess crown" they pass around for birthdays and she wore that -- that's what the tinsel stuff is in her hair. After presents, we did the cake. While we were eating the cake, the door flew open and two commandos dressed entirely in black brandishing air-soft guns burst in. They were Daniel's friends coming to kidnap him for the night, much to his relief. He ran out of the house yelling, "Freedom!"

Suzanne and her friends spent the evening playing games, running around outside, watching Bride and Prejudice (an Indian telling of Pride and Prejudice), and hanging out in her room doing nails, talking, talking, and more talking. I'm sure they were up most of the night. She had a great party and great friends to celebrate it with.