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I've thought of blogging for some time now, but didn't quite know how to go about it or if I would be too technologically challenged to do it. Then I talked to my friend, Joanna, who shared her blog site with me. It is wonderful and her joie de vivre comes out in her postings. It inspired me to leave my comfort zone and get started. So here I am, doing something for which I'm not even sure of the proper terms. Am I blogging? Is this a blog page, a blog site, or a blog web? Whatever, I'm doing it!

When we return to Niger I want to be able to blog at least once a month when we go to the capital, Niamey. That way you can have a more frequent insight into my life in Tera. You can see my joys, my struggles, my friends, my challenges, and my family.

I also have a hard time expressing myself and this way I will put words to my thoughts. It will be a way to force me to be more creative.

Speaking of creative...I'd like to recapture some of the joie de vivre that Joanna has. I was thinking of that and then in Bible study on Tuesday, Beth Moore talked about how our living out of our faith should be so full of joy it will be something our kids will want to have, something they can't wait to try out for themselves. So I want this blog to be a chance to be creative and look at life in a more joyful fashion. I am so task oriented and I would like to spend more time with my Creator, just reflecting on what He's given me.